Planning a commercial office or business move is a big job. As an office moving company, we at Move4Less have been providing commercial moving services in Henderson for a while. If you’re planning for a commercial move, here are a few tips that can help your move go more smoothly:

  1. Appoint a Move Project Manager – Hiring or appointing an experienced move manager to take charge of the project from beginning to end will help you avoid your move going wrong and causing damaging down time for your business. This person will make sure that all the pieces come together. Be sure to work closely with them along the way so you stay involved with decision-making and things stay on course.  Start early and keep the move plan updated at all times.
  2. Store and Discard – Reduce the cost of the move by not moving things. Rather than pay to move old records, box up and store them in your offsite permanent storage facility. Inventory your equipment, supplies and resale inventory, discarding obsolete or damaged items so you won’t need to move them.
  3. Get a Professional Check Up – Don’t be surprised by unforeseen problems at the new site that can stop your business cold. Have professionals inspect the electrical, data, water, kitchen appliances and so on. Be sure you understand and can comply with building regulations and permits at the new site.
  4. Create a Floor and Seating Plan – Don’t leave employees scrambling or fighting over space. Lay out everything on a planning grid and make all decisions well before move day. This will help with electrical and data connections as well.
  5. Create IT and Telecom Plans – Be sure your providers are in the loop and ready to do their part. Timing is critical so you won’t be left with unnecessary down time “waiting for the cable guy” so schedule them early and reconfirm their participation ahead of time.
  6. Color Code by Destination – Big, color coded tags or dots can make it much faster and easier for movers to grab items and deliver them straight to their new home. Put matching color codes at the destination and/or number the cubes, offices and other places. Directional signs on walls are helpful too if the facility is large or the layout complex.
  7. Inform your Clients – and inform them again. Make sure your clients know you will be moving and, afterward, have moved.  It’s a great marketing opportunity to communicate with your clients and even show off the facility. Don’t forget to update forms and letterhead you use for clients and vendors.
  8. Keep a Move Day File – in case business intervenes in your move day plans. You will carry this with you so it’s at hand. Be sure you have move-day access to important electronic records and email through the Cloud (Dropbox is a great place to store and share files you may need).
  9. Ask employees to move valuable personal items – such as art or electronics. This will keep you from taking the risk in case these items are damaged or lost
  10. Let employees participate – employees may contribute valuable ideas in the planning stages and help with packing activities. Be sure to let them celebrate when it’s all over to help them feel “at home” in the new location – this move is everyone’s move, so share it and make it a positive experience for the entire team.

Moving your business is a hassle but it can be a fun and positive experience for your team.  Move 4 Less specializes in local commercial office moves in Henderson. Whether you are moving a Henderson factory, retail shop or real estate office, our trained and experienced move staff can help. We even provide a designated project manager who will work with your team during the planning stages. From checklist planning to unpacking at your new location, we will help coordinate your move so you can focus your attention on running your business. Make your next move easier and trust your move to Move 4 Less.  Contact us for a free quote today.