If you think you can’t afford professional movers, you might be surprised to learn that there are some great cheap movers in Las Vegas (including ourselves) that can make moving as simple as possible.

Why Choose Professionals?

Sure, you could rent a truck and load it up yourself and then drive it to your new home and unload it. There are several reasons why you might instead opt for professional movers.

1. Moving Is Backbreaking Work

Furniture, appliances and boxes are heavy, but professional movers are up to the challenge. It also can be tricky to maneuver appliances and large pieces of furniture up and down stairs and through doors, but our team has seen it all and can handle the many challenges one faces when moving tricky items.

2. Homeowners Lack Moving Equipment

It’s rare for homeowners to own furniture dollies and dollies capable of toting boxes up and down stairs. Professional movers have all of this equipment in their trucks, which makes moving far easier. Pros also will have items such as heavy moving blankets to protect your furnishings.

3. Loading & Unloading Is Faster

The inside of a moving truck is like a blank canvas, just waiting for a professional mover to design the interior and make everything fit perfectly. We know how to load a moving truck to ensure that items don’t move around too much during transport and stay as safe as possible. We also can unload quite quickly, which saves time for the homeowner.

4. Get Multiple Estimates

Typically, it pays to contact several moving companies and receive at least three estimates. Keep in mind, that in order to receive an accurate estimate, the moving company representative needs to have a clear understanding of the scope of the move.

The mover needs to know the number of stairs, and if any of the stairs are particularly narrow and difficult to navigate. The movers will need to know stair information at the move-out and move-in locations. So if you are moving from a one-story ranch house to a three-story townhome, this could affect the cost of the move.

Movers also need to know the size of your home or apartment. After all, it’ll take longer to move a four-bedroom house than a one-bedroom apartment. Don’t forget to consider the amount of stuff in the garage and in the yard that will need to be moved.

The distance between the two houses or apartments also is a factor in the cost. We also need to know if you have any special needs, such as needing artwork crated or a piano moved from house to house. Also, if you want us to pack or unpack, these are additional charges, so be sure to ask about those costs.

5. Plan Ahead

In order to get the best rates possible, start calling movers as soon as you know your moving date. The earlier you book, the lower your rates will be. Although, sometimes this just isn’t possible, so keep us in mind even if you just have a day or two’s notice. In most cases, we can provide you with affordable next day-service and often even same-day service if you need it.

If you start other preparations early, you can save money, as well. For instance, if you start packing early, you probably won’t need us to help with packing, which can save you some cash. We highly recommend that you pack a little bit each day, so that you aren’t stressing out and scrambling to pack everything in the 48 hours prior to your move.

6. Choose Reputable Companies

How can you tell if a company is reputable? There are several ways. All moving companies should be licensed, bonded and insured. All of our pertinent information is listed on our website as well as on our fleet of trucks.

It’s also wise to check the company’s Better Business Bureau rating. We have an A+ rating, but many other companies do not. Sometimes you’ll find a company doing business under several different names, which can make it tricky to determine if reviews are accurate. If you call a mover and they answer the phone using another company name or don’t really identify themselves, consider this a big red flag and move on to the next company.

While we are cheap movers, we also take a great deal of pride in our work as well as taking good care of our fleet of trucks. If your moving company has a couple of beat up trucks without the company logo or information on the side of the trucks, this can indicate that they aren’t a great moving company.

You might save a few bucks, but the movers might just be part-timers with little experience and you could end up with broken items or a much longer move time that you expected.

7. Other Ways To Save

Aside from selecting cheap movers, there are other ways to reduce moving costs. Start collecting boxes as soon as possible, and be on the lookout for free boxes, which often are listed on sites such as LetGo, NextDoor, Facebook Marketplace and Offer Up.

You also often can find free boxes at retail stores, grocery stores and home improvement stores. These companies usually have tons of boxes that they have to get rid of and they usually are happy to give them to customers for free, so take advantage of these freebies.

For packing materials, start saving your newspapers or ask neighbors and friends to save some newspapers for you. You also can use sheets, towels, clothing, tablecloths and other soft items to protect your breakables and reduce your packaging costs.

If you are starting the process of moving, and want to find cheap movers in Las Vegas, give the team at Move 4 Less a call. As our name suggests, we offer moving services (long-distance and local) at reasonable prices and you won’t have to sacrifice quality. To get started, you can call us at (702) 889-6683 or use our Get A Free Quote box at the top of this page.