On Saturday, July 30, 2022, Move 4 Less celebrated the winners of the Create Your Dream Home Art Contest with a party for them and their families. This was the second year of the Move 4 Less Create Your Dream Home Art Contest, and there were three times more submissions. There was a total of 61 entries this year. 22 entries were from ages 5-8 and 39 entries were from ages 9-12.  Move 4 Less employees selected 3 winners from each age group making a total of 6 winners. 

The winners set up their Dream Home and shared about their designs at the party before they were presented with a Dream Backpack full of prizes. Every winner received a Dream Backpack valued at more than $700 each. Each backpack included an Amazon Fire Tablet, Apple AirPods, a Hydroflask, games, assorted school supplies and a $100 Walmart gift card. It truly felt like Christmas in July. Watching the kids’ faces light up as well as the smiles on the parent’s faces was absolutely priceless. 

The winners in the 5 to 8-year-old category were: Trystan C., age 8; Bryson C., age 8; and Kelsey K., age 8. The winners in the 9 to 12-year-old category were: Ellie R., age 10; Emily T., age 10; and Khloe W., age 12.

“Our entire team was so impressed with the creativity of all of this year’s submissions particularly our six winners with their detail and outside-the-box thinking.” Said Maggie Kolesar, Move 4 Less general sales manager. 

“We are planning to move to Texas; we like to be close to nature. My son loves animals, and he wants to raise them. The dream backpack would make us feel joyful and excited, we couldn’t wait to use it for next school year and activities.” – Parent of Trystan C.

“Ellie loves all things beach related. It’s always been her favorite vacations, so naturally she chose a beach house. She loved creating this home and adding as many references to beach life as possible. She even mixed the blue paint color herself and chose the shells to be especially colorful and cheerful. Living in the brown desert always makes her look for color whenever possible. She needed big windows for lots of light, and had to put it on stilts, perfect for when the tide comes in. The stairs and swing are to sit, relax, and watch the waves. This is truly her perfect home, and according to her, she is going to build it one day.”  – Chelsea T., Mom of Ellie R.

“Winning would feel incredible. I would feel proud of myself. I would feel accomplished. It would feel nice. Plus, the prizes look SO great. I’d love to win them to share with my brother. I want to win.” – Kelsey K.

“Khloe loves art, and she has always told me it was her dream to have a house with a water slide from the roof, a front balcony with a porch swing like the houses back east and her own garden outside her window. This contest was the perfect opportunity for to construct and represent her dreams! She worked her butt off for several weeks bringing her vision to life!” 

“Khloe has been asking for the air pods, a tablet, school and art supplies for every birthday and every Christmas and unfortunately, she has not gotten all of those things.

However, she certainly deserves them so it would be a dream come true for all of us.” – Colleen W., Mom of Khloe W.

 “This is my dream house because it has a swing and roller coaster that goes through the house. It has a big pool and a relaxing area on the roof. I love my dream house because it also has Lego features. In my dream house I would also have all the furniture made out of Legos. I had so much fun building my dream house with my family.” – Bryson C.

“Emily has been talking about her dream home for a looooong time – always involved living in a van (“van life”!) and driving all around rescuing animals big and small. She has a heart for all animals! This project was SO fun for her because she got to bring her dream to life. It’s not just a representation of her dream home, but also a representation of Emily and who she is (such a big heart). I’ve never seen her work so hard. So, thanks for that opportunity!” – Katie T., Mom of Emily T.