Diy Home Decor: Furniture Stencil Art Made Easy

As movers, we see a lot of home decor. And we hear a lot from our clients about their favorite pieces of furniture or about something they have to leave behind but wish they could replicate in their new home. We hear about having to decide whether to keep some old piece of furniture and rehab it, or just throw it away. When people move, they start thinking about starting fresh and often are looking to try something new. So we got the idea for this series of infographics on DIY projects for fixing up old furniture and fixtures in your home.

For this installment of our DIY artistic ways to beautify your home infographic series, we’d like to introduce you to stenciling. Stenciling is an old and versatile way of transferring patterns to just about anything – from numbers on your driveway to outdoor graffiti art to decorating greeting cards and even Christmas cookies.

Our focus is on stenciling projects to beautify your home. You can apply stencil art to just about anything – kitchen cabinets, dressers, mirrors, doors and even fabrics and walls. Stencil art can be a repeat of the same pattern over and over, it can mean applying a series of patterns, or it can be just creating a single accent to make a piece of furniture stand out or to liven up an otherwise boring wall or door.

Our infographic gives you instruction in materials, methods and different techniques.Take a look, get inspired and share it with your art-minded friends.

Infographic on stencil art for furniture