It’s a rite of passage: you wake up one day, look around, and wonder, “When did I get all this stuff?!” 

Whether you’re moving to a smaller place with less storage space or you’re faced with the task of packing up all your things to move across the country to Denver, moving all the things you’ve accumulated is no easy task. And the truth is, sometimes it DOESN’T all fit.

So what do you do when you don’t need immediate access to all your belongings, but you’re not quite ready to let them go? It might be time to explore Denver short-term or long-term storage solutions.
Read on to learn more about Denver self-storage and Denver full-service storage solutions to suit your unique situation.

Options for Short-Term Storage and Long-Term Storage

The two most popular options for short-term and long-term Denver storage are self-storage units and full-service storage facilities.

Self-Storage Units:

These are spaces where people store their personal belongings for the short-term or long-term. They are open to the public and offer month-to-month rentals of spaces of different sizes. They may or may not be climate-controlled and most offer 24/7 access. This means they’re convenient if you need to access your stored items frequently, but also that a lot of people come in and out of them. 

Self-storage is a DIY option – you’ll be responsible for organizing, packing, and moving your items in and out of the storage unit. Any price you pay is for the space itself, with no additional moving or storing services.

Full-Service Storage:

This is another great option for short- and long-term storage. Also known as warehouse storage or professional storage. Full-service storage allows you to store your belongings in a private warehouse. Rather than having to organize, move, store, and retrieve your belongings yourself, a professional storage company handles all of that for you. Since access is always by appointment and supervised by a company employee, warehouse storage is extremely secure.

Denver Warehouse Full Service Solutions

Benefits of Self-Service Storage:

Self-storage can be a good option for short-term storage if you want constant, quick access to your items and you’re willing and able to pack and move things in and out yourself. Though monthly prices are typically higher than you’ll pay for palletized storage, if you’re only paying for a month or so, the convenience of self-storage could be worth it.

Self-storage is also an option for long-term storage. However, it typically costs more in the long run than palletized professional storage. What’s more, it’s less secure and you may run the risk of your items being damaged if they’re packed improperly or stored in a non-climate-controlled environment. Still, self-storage may be a good option if you need frequent access to the things you’re storing and don’t mind moving them yourself.

Benefits of Full-Service Storage:

Full-service storage for short-term storage is a great option if you’d rather not risk packing and moving your belongings by yourself and you don’t anticipate needing quick access to your stored belongings. Move 4 Less’s palletized storage solutions allow you to enjoy professional packing, moving, and storing all at once. This is especially ideal if you have valuables or specialty items to store. 

Move 4 Less will shrink-wrap and store large, soft items like sofas on custom couch racks, store glass, marble, and mirrors on individual shelves, and pack specialty items such as pianos, art, and pool tables with professional care.

Full-service storage is especially ideal long-term. Since you only pay for the space you use, palletized storage is generally cheaper than self-storage – and those month-to-month savings add up fast. What’s more, proper packing, moving, and storing matters even more when items are stored for long periods. 

Move 4 Less packs items properly to minimize the possibility of breakage, mildew, or water damage, and Move 4 Less storage facilities are always temperature-controlled. Full-service storage is also incredibly secure so you can rest assured your belongings are safe even for months or years at a time.

Storage Solutions for Denver

Move 4 Less’s palletized storage facility is conveniently located in Denver, Colorado. It’s an excellent place to store your belongings for the short- or long-term. Once you’re ready to retrieve your items from storage, Move 4 Less will deliver them straight to your Denver home – or wherever you’re moving next.

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