You’re Moving. You wanted to have a garage sale BUT that is probably not the best idea right now…time for Plan B!

If you’re like most of us, as you begin to pack, you have realized you have way too much stuff! Or maybe you realized you don’t use all the things you have. We’ve been there. Out of sight, out of mind, right? No judgement here! The best part of going through your things as you prepare to move (or just want to get some organizing done) is that you can let go of the things you no longer need or use.

Garage sales are a very common way to let go of your unwanted or unused items and make some extra cash, but with the world as it is right now, it may not be advisable to host a traditional garage sale. Don’t worry, there is a Plan B! 

It’s time for Plan B…Consider going digital!


There is still preparation for a digital garage sale. For starters, let’s get you some quick packing tips, you can shift through wanted and unwanted items as you go! As mentioned before in previous blogs, don’t forget the areas that are commonly overlooked; closets, garages, storage sheds. Check out our blog on Preparing for Your Move for additional packing and prep tips!

You want to be sure your items are working properly and are ready for use, nothing worse than having to deal with a garage sale “return”. You could also make sure that every buyer knows that once an item is purchased there are no returns, just make sure to be upfront with them if you are unsure if something works.

Make your items as appealing as possible! According to Penny Pinchin Mom, you need to “spend some time wiping down or even washing items before you put them on display. This simple trick can be the difference between making and losing a sale.” This still does apply if you are running a digital sale, photos and video will show the dust or dirt.


Pick an area in your home that has a plain background and set up the photo shoot! This could be a table against a solid colored wall or even a table against a wall in your backyard or patio. The goal is to make sure the item is the star, not all the other “stuff” in the background.

  • Take photos from different angles
  • Take photos with items opened and closed
  • Take a video with the item “on” if applicable

Having a designated photo area set up can make this process go much quicker. Move the items in and out, having a second set of hands to move the items while you take photos would make it go even quicker!

Start Posting!

For a digital garage sale you will be posting photos or videos of your items with the descriptions, pricing and pick up instructions. If you want to go the extra mile you can shoot a video or do a live video and share a preview of the items that are for sale.

Facebook, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Offer Up, Next Door, Let Go, are just a few of the platforms that you can host your digital garage sale on. Check out some more digital platforms here.

Post pictures of items that are at least $5.00 – $10.00 or more, this makes all of this prep worth your time! We have an idea for the less expensive items below under Pick-Up. Accept only digital payments or exact change at pick up.

Digital Payment:

Accept payment through digital terminals to eliminate the surface touching and germ spreading by way of physical cash. PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, and Square a few options for collecting payment digitally.


You can schedule one or two days for pick up between the hours that work best for you. Or if you have a little more time before you will be moving, you can discuss with each person when the best date and time would be.

Having as many of your items for sale organized in the garage is the most ideal way to prep for pick up. This way there is an extra opportunity to sell or get rid of additional items. You can have selected items displayed close to the pick-up area. If you have lower priced or free items, set up a specific table for those by the pick-up area as well!

When setting up the pick-up area have everything properly labeled and distanced for guests to follow social distance guidelines. You could have signs that ask your guests to wear a face covering and maintain social distance. Have a dedicated person handling the items for your guests so no cross contamination takes place, this could be you or a helper you designate. Ask for digital payment or exact change if they do not have a digital payment app.

If you do not want to have any contact with others, set a time and date for pick-up and simply choose an area outside your home and let them know where their items will be. Collect payment through one of the digital options.

Still Have Stuff?

It’s time to move and you still have “stuff” that has not sold. Now we know you’ve listed these items for sale because you either no longer use them or want them so bringing them with you or packing them into storage should be out of the question. (Although, we do have plenty of storage options if need be!) Try some of these options:

  • Set up a “Free” table by the pick-up area.
  • Have a reputable moving company pick up and bring your collected items to a donation box or charity. (We might know a company in the area :P)
  • Some non-profits are not accepting donations at this time; however, Goodwill is. AND they have drive-thru donation options!
  • If you’re feeling like you might have something of great resale value, consider contacting a consignment shop to drop by or send a picture for a possible sale. 

Hopefully these tips can help you navigate your way through Plan B! For more moving and preparation tips check out these goodies:

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