young daughter giving gift to dad on Father's Day

Are you thinking about a great Dad in your life this Father’s Day? We’ve been honoring fathers in America for over a century now, and we still don’t seem to appreciate enough all the things our busy dads do for us.  And sometimes, it’s even harder to find just the right way to show our appreciation.

Father’s Day Gift Idea: Help Dad Out On Moving Day

Well, here’s a unique idea to give the Dad in your life a little help this Father’s Day. If your favorite Dad, whether he’s young or old, married or single, has a move coming up soon, there are lots of ways you can help out with that big job. And, you don’t even have to lift any boxes!

Whether Dad is moving a family and entire household of belongings, or just has to move a few special items, there are a number of logistics and expenses that are part of any move. You can help out by handling one or more of those jobs for him. Here are some ideas on how to make Dad’s move day a lot better:

Cover the Cost of Movers and Truck

Obviously Exhausted Couple Holding Moving Boxes in Empty Room.

Is Dad thinking of attempting a DIY move? Surprise him and give him a break on all that work.  Help pay for his basic moving costs for a moving truck and movers to take care of his move for him. We even offer flat rate moves that make the moving cost very affordable and predictable. Or, if Dad has his own truck, you can hire just the movers who can provide professional load and unload help.

Pay for Dad’s Packing and Unpacking Services

Surprise Dad with the services of our expert, trained and experienced packers. Partial or full packing, and even unpacking services are available. With professional packers, you’ll have fewer boxes and less chance of breakage since the packing is done right. Not to mention, you’ll save Dad a lot of work and he’ll be very grateful for that!  And we can also assemble furniture, install wall mount TV’s and help set up appliances after the move.

Buy Moving Boxes and Supplies

Is Dad hunting around grocery stores and saving up odd size boxes all over the house for his upcoming move? Save him the hassle and have sturdy, properly sized and well-constructed moving boxes delivered right to him. He’ll be all set to get packing without the worry of those old, damaged or inappropriate boxes breaking. We can also supply packing materials like bubble wrap or packing popcorn for a better, more secure packing job.  Protect Dad’s belongings with the proper boxes and packing materials.

Provide Piano Movers or other Specialty Movers

piano packed and ready for a move

Does Dad have a piano? Pool table? Safe? Gym equipment? Fine art or a huge flat screen wall mount TV? Our team are trained and ready to handle these kinds of specialty moves.  We’ll carefully disassemble, expertly pack and protect, and then professionally move and set up Dad’s item at the new place. Make his move easier by having professionals handle his expensive, heavy or fragile item so he can be sure it gets there safely.

Rent Dad’s Long or Short Term Storage

If Dad’s going to travel or otherwise be between homes for a while, he may need short or long-term storage for his items before the go to his new home. Help out by covering his storage fees for a month or more so he doesn’t have to. He’ll be pleased his items are safe in an air-conditioned, secure facility and professionally handled so they are not damaged, lost or stolen.

Move Planning and Logistics

Maybe Dad’s really busy  and could use help with planning the “before” and “after” steps of his move. There are things like scheduling the movers, notifying utilities and landlords, updating the DMV and post office records and so on. You can take some of that off Dad’s shoulders. Download our free Move Checklist to help Dad get organized and make his move a lot easier.

Help from Senior Move Specialists

If your Dad’s a senior, you’ll be able to trust Move 4 Less with his move.  One of our specialties is providing fast, easy and stress free moves for seniors in and around Las Vegas. We work with the management of a number of local senior living communities, so we know how to accommodate all types of senior moves. Give us a call about your senior Dad’s move and we’ll help coordinate all the details, making the move a good beginning to life in Dad’s new home.

So who are we?

Move 4 Less Las Vegas

aerial photo of Move 4 Less movers in parking lot

One of Las Vegas’ largest movers, Move 4 Less is a locally-owned and operated Las Vegas moving company, providing a full range of moving and logistics services. We have been proudly serving our neighbors with outstanding residential and commercial moving services in the greater Southeast Nevada area for over 20 years.

All of our Move 4 Less staff members are drug tested and background checked. In addition, our team of expert movers are professionally trained. Move 4 Less is a fully licensed carrier and we’re Promover Certified. Our strong commitment to quality accounts for our 97% referral rate from satisfied previous customers.

If you want more information to learn how you can help Dad with his next move, or if you would like more information for your own upcoming move, give us a call at 702-889-6683 or contact us to speak to one of our moving professionals.