Comfort continues to be a dominant theme for 2022’s home decor trends. Strive to create a space that inspires you and reflects your personality, but also invokes a feeling of relaxation. Here are 3 ways you can refresh your living space for the new year with the hottest home decor ideas.

1. Feel a little Green:

Several large paint companies, including Sherwin Wiliams and Benjamin Moore, predict shades of green as the top color trend for 2022. During the pandemic, we saw a boom in buying houseplants, so green walls and decor are a way to bring the outdoors in without the green thumb effort. If you’re a confident botanist, learn how to make your own vertical garden, which can grow herbs for your meals or can be filled with your favorite greenery.

2. Stay Well-Rounded:

Home decor like curved couches, bar designs and kitchen islands are some of the top Internet searches for the upcoming year. You can even try curved headboards, arched plant walls and rounded murals to fill your rooms with curve appeal. DIY your own painted wall arch and pair it with a rustic wood shelf and some plants for decor that’s ahead of the curve.

3. Go au Naturel:

Cozy textures are in, especially in warm, neutral tones. Look for materials that are furry or nubby, and that have fringes or decorative trims. You can achieve a layered look by pairing snuggle-worthy items with a variety of natural and raw materials like rustic furniture from Reclaimed Secrets or upcycle a vintage find.

Move into your Perfect Space:

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