The move for Michelle and Brian Mell and her 16-year-old autistic daughter, Angelica Espinosa, was Sept. 28, 2020.   

Brian was furloughed from his digital marketing position. Though Michelle still works at home, in credit restoration, her time is compromised because of the needs of her daughter, whose routine has been greatly disrupted. (Routine is important for those with autism.) Angelica is having a difficult time processing the changes the pandemic has created in her life; she can’t really express herself and has been acting out physically. Angelica now has online classes at home instead of the special needs classes she previously was able to attend at a brick and mortar school; but sitting at a screen is difficult, and she is regressing. Insurance does pay for a tutor, who primarily teaches her life skills. In addition to financial stress, the situation is difficult with Michelle, Brian and Angelica all at home now, given Angelica’s physical space and attention needs, and frequent outbursts.

The owner of the home the Mells have been renting is selling the property, and they haven’t been able to find a suitable place that they can qualify for or afford. Because they have to move, they are moving in with other relatives until they can get back on their feet. Michelle and Angelica are moving in with Angelica’s grandparents (parents of Michelle’s ex-husband), and Brian is moving in with his mother. Move 4 Less is moving their furniture and other items into storage and will move them to their new location together at a later date.

The COVID-19 virus has triggered economic hardship throughout the Las Vegas community with many people struggling to pay their mortgage or rent, and evictions are looming. To help ease their financial burden, Move 4 Less  created the Moving Our Community program where Avi Cohen and Moti Perez, co-owners of the family-owned Las Vegas-based moving company, are paying for moving services and/or storage for five local families who have to move from their current residence due to COVID-19-related circumstances.

The families selected by Move 4 Less for the Moving Our Community program were based on applications submitted earlier this summer. Some of the moves have been delayed due to the families trying to find places they can afford and/or qualify for, given they may still be out of work.  

Move 4 Less continues to participate in a wide range of community activities throughout the Las Vegas Valley. The company has always had a heart to give back where they can. Currently they are offering their trucks and moving staff to help move essential items throughout the valley. To learn more about their community involvement, visit For more information about Move 4 Less, visit or call 702-381-1200.