12 – 9 Weeks Before Relocating You and Your Family to Las Vegas
Plan your move carefully, work out the logistics before you commit. Gather all your information on how much it will cost and how far you have to go, before you make the move. Make a moving checklist to prepare, cross off each and every item on our list as you complete the tasks (labeling boxes, hiring the movers, planning the drive, etc.).

  • Pick your movers carefully- you’re entrusting them with your prized possessions! Make sure you arrange the date you plan to move, and keep them up-to-date with any changes or special requests.

8 – 7 Weeks Before Your Big Move
Two months until the big day! You should be excited about the progress you’re making, and looking forward to what’s to come. Keep focused, and work on cleaning the house and downsizing your belongings- get rid of junk items and stuff you don’t need, all while packing up what you plan to take with you.

  • At this point, the relocation company should have been selected. They can often provide checklists or helpful tips to aid your move.
  • Notify everyone important to you about your move, make a comprehensive list so nobody is left out! Update your address book and fill in your phone contacts so you don’t lose people’s numbers and they know your new address.
  • Update the post office- make sure you file a mail forwarding form and give them your new address. Do this at least two weeks in advance to make sure your mail is up-to-date and on time.
  • Edit out stuff you don’t need. Sort through your belongings, and get rid of stuff you don’t need or never use. Used items can always be donated to friends, loved ones, or your local Goodwill.

6 Weeks to Go
Time is running out, major decisions need to be made! Don’t get distracted as your moving day approaches.

  • Set up your insurance, choose a company that you trust to cover your new home, and make sure to include any other necessities such as auto and possession security.
  • Start packing! It’s not too early, and the more you have packed and ready to go the less you’ll have to stress about when crunch time comes. Make sure all the boxes are labeled, so you can find the important stuff when you get to your new home.
  • With your new address, you can set up utilities for the house- water, electric, garbage pickup, internet and everything else!

5 Weeks Prior to Your Move or Relocation to Las Vegas
Halfway there, no turning back now!

  • Make 100% sure the movers are on the same page as you and your family. Guarantee pick-up and delivery dates for your belongings and arrange payment with them.
  • Now’s the time to really get packing. Start boxing unessential items and organizing what goes where, and labeling all your boxes so you can unpack with minimum stress when you get to your  new Las Vegas home.
  • Protect your valuable items or family heirlooms with insurance, appraisal, and the best-quality packing you can afford. Make sure you keep receipts and transaction information on-hand in case something breaks during shipping.
  • Arrange how you and your family will get to your destination. Your belongings may be taking the long road, but will the family be flying? Driving? Walking? Determine how you’ll get to your new home, and make sure you book flights or hotel fees in advance.

4 Weeks Left, Getting real close now!

  • Make sure all of your address change forms have been sent or filled out- this includes not only the post office but also magazine subscriptions, your paper route, and credit card and bank info.

3 More Weeks, is the Wait Driving You Crazy?
Almost time for the big move, just a few more things to take care of.

  • Notify the utility companies at your current address, let them know the upcoming disconnect dates and your forwarding address so they can send you the final bill. Get in touch with the same companies in your new town, and arrange for service to start at the date of your choosing.

2 Weeks Until the Big Move
Stressing out yet? Ask your friends and family for help with the last stages of packing, repay them for their kindness with food and fun. Board games and wine with neighbors and friends can go a long way towards getting the last stage of packing over and done with.

  • Reserve the elevator on your moving day (if you live in a multi-story building), and contact your neighbors and landlord to let them know what all the hustle and bustle upstairs is coming from.
  • Make sure any power tools or yard work equipment like lawnmowers or leaf blowers are empty of gas and safely secured- you wouldn’t want them revving to life while on the road!
  • Check one last time to make sure everything is packed and all your utilities and bills are either cancelled or moved over to your new address.

Moving Week
It’s finally time! The big move!

  • Pack up your final belongings (your luggage and other stuff you’ll need for the trip) and hit the road!
  • Do one last check through your entire list of items to do, and, once you’re satisfied everything is in order, get to your destination safely and….