When it comes to moving to a new neighborhood, many will make arguments against the Entertainment Capital of the World, the City of Lights, and the notorious Sin City. As the saying goes, “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” and if you were to move here, that would certainly ring true! Once you experience Las Vegas for yourself, you may never look back! Here are some of our favorite things about our Las Vegas community!


With technology driving the future of the economy forward, Las Vegas is home to some of the most accommodating and thoughtful settings for any living situation depending on family size, accessibility options, and locations of services. 

Throughout the Las Vegas Valley, you’ll find convenience stores, shopping, food, health and wellness as well as sports all within easy travel in the proximity of your new home, no matter where you settle in the area. 

Conventions, live shows, entertainers, and now fully franchised sports teams create a diverse and plentiful audience range for activities that can enrich any member of your crew, whether family or friend! 

Accessibility to and from appointments, dates, and events is easy with the grids and expressways set up throughout the Valley for easier travel. Accommodations are available for people with limitations and disabilities in every shopping mall, hotel, casino, and restaurant.

Most importantly, Las Vegas offers something for every single person and niche. Shopping, arts, entertainment, foodies, athletics, and more are all available at your fingertips (or within a half-hour to hour drive at most!).

Family Friendly:

While some know Las Vegas to be an “adult playground” with its limitless entertainment and activities, Las Vegas is one city that knows “one size does not fit all” when it comes to options for families and youths.

Many hotels in the area are known for their pools, exhibits, and shows specifically tailored to kids and families. One popular hot ticket for families is the Mandalay Bay’s Shark Reef Aquarium. It’s friendly, fun, and offers educational value. You can also go to the free shows like at the Bellagio where they feature a water fountain show and a beautiful botanical garden to wow your Instagram photos! 

Aside from adventure parks and museums, Las Vegas is home to some great schools on the collegiate level like UNLV and plenty of magnet and technical schools for academic and athletic excellence. Speaking of tech, Las Vegas is home to many advancements in technology whether automobiles at car shows or new technology in handhelds and computers at shows like CES, which has been a staple for the Las Vegas trade show community for years along with G2E. Still not sure? Take it from The Traveling Mom who says that there are plenty of family-friendly shows and activities that she has experienced (along with some tips to avoid) while on the main strip. Just remember, there is much more to Las Vegas than the strip! 

While some of your family may be young, others might be heading into their golden years. Las Vegas is known to be a place for perks and for seniors it gets even better. Retirement in the Las Vegas area has many options from living communities to clubs and activities that are inviting and safe. The eateries and buffets offer discounts and specials to accommodate groups and parties for seniors and club members. In fact, Las Vegas has been in the top ten lists for places to retire, giving many the option to switch it up for popular Florida. According to Red Rock Wealth Management, the Las Vegas area is one of the best places to retire based on several factors with the weather, real estate, and activity choices.

Nature Driven:

Las Vegas is known for lights and glamorous nightlife, but what happens during the day? Aside from small business networking, typical nine-to-five jobs, entertainment careers and hospitality, the Las Vegas valley holds boundless nature for you to explore. Trip Advisor has an entire list that gives you many places to explore inside and outside of the Las Vegas area, giving you options for travel to nearby states and parks that really capture the wonder of the desert life. Find the complete list of amazing activities here, which boasts of some of the best natural hot spots in the world!

From nature parks like the Springs Preserve to hiking trails in Mt.Charleston and Red Rock, you can bike, hike, walk, and run in all different areas of terrain and difficulty. The best part about these options is that the weather hardly interferes. Granted in the summer months extra precautions should be taken like going at early hours before the sun has the chance to really get going and then again at dusk when there is less heat on your skin. Year-round, you can expect most of your days to be sunny. Sometimes monsoon season starts in mid-June and could have spurts that last until the end of September. Luckily, most of those moments are few and far between, and with a little bit of alert from the local weather team and some safety knowledge, you should be just fine.  If this doesn’t convince you to move here, just give us a call. We might now a few people that could give you some insight into the wonderful world of Las Vegas! You can reach our knowledgeable team at (702) 381-1200 or you can take a look at our previous blog, Moving to Las Vegas in 10 great tips!