Did you know there are ways to pack items WITHIN other items…it can even be kinda fun! Throughout our 15 years of moving service to the Las Vegas community, we’ve figured out a few packing hacks that can help save time and on the cost of packing materials. These hacks can also make the tedious act of packing a little fun!

Kitchen Hacks

  • Plastic Wrap your silverware organizer with your silverware already in it. There isn’t a reason to take everything out when you can leave it fully put together!
  • If you have sharp knives or utensils that aren’t already in a butcher block or holder, use oven mitts with the sharp end of the knife going into the mitt. Then take a tie or rubber band and wrap it in the middle. 
  • Use your pots (especially the deep ones!) to hold spices, dry goods, soups, and knicknacks with the lid to keep everything in it like a little suitcase bowl of your goodies!

Bathroom Hacks

  • Use cotton balls inside cosmetic cases to keep the powders from breaking if they are dropped. 
  • Binder clips placed over razor blades and trimming utensils to keep them locked. 
  • For shampoos, conditioners, body washes, and lotions use plastic wrap over the opening and then screw the cap back on over the plastic wrap. It will help seal the top of the cap area to prevent leaking. 
  • Use large plastic freezer bags to hold the small little bottles or loose makeups. Consider reusing shopping bags since they are somewhat transparent and can handle some spills.
  • Use egg cartons to hold jewelry, nuts, bolts, or hair ties! You can secure it with rubber bands or tape. 

Household Hacks

  • Utilize bathroom towels as box toppers for easy storage padding. (Place a folded towel at the top of the box that is just about full. Once closed, will offer protection and padding to contents inside the box.)
  • Take a group of clothing that is on hangers and place a trash bag over the clothes. (The bottom of the bag will be placed over the hanger handles, pushing through creating a hole at the top.) You can keep clothes together and protected from dirt and debris while keeping things together. 
  • Keep fitted sheets on mattresses before you move them, keeping them clean. You might even put it on the other side too, the non-sleeping side to keep it clean. Once you’re settled, just throw the sheets in the wash. 
  • Use luggage for heavy items like books or collections like movies and board games.
  • Use backpacks and gym bags for additional items in your bedroom or offices like shoes, sporting equipment, and toys. 
  • Hampers make excellent moving tubs in a pinch! You can use these for bedding items, kid’s toys, dry goods, plastic wears from your kitchen, and more!
  • Use brightly colored duct tape to color code your boxes. A simple stripe of hot green, pink, or blue can make all the difference in minimizing your unpacking time by color-coding the box to get it placed in the right room.

We hope you found our hacks useful and even have a little fun finding additional ways to hack the pack!

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