Close up of male hand packing cardboard box, concept moving hous

Moving can be a hassle and packing may be the hardest part of all. When packing is done wrong, you may end up with broken items. And if packing is done inefficiently, your movers will spend a lot more time loading and unloading your belongings, costing you more money. So here are some simple packing tips you can use when getting ready to move:

  1. Some grocery and retail outlets have empty boxes that they are happy to give away to the public.  If you don’t see any, just ask.  Be sure they are sturdy enough to hold up to your things and being carried, loaded and unloaded.  If you can’t find quality boxes, we can provide them to you.
  2. Besides boxes, the basic tools you will need for packing are: masking tape, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, marking pens and a hand truck for organizing your boxes.
  3. Inventory and organize your stuff – get rid of things you don’t need before you move, not after!
  4. Please do not put your clothes in bags. If they’re in boxes we can stack them on the dolly as opposed to carrying two bags and making multiple trips back and forth. Plus when they are in the bags, there is a possibility they might get snagged on a corner, damaging your clothes.
  5. Use newspaper only as a filler, don’t count on it to keep your possessions safe from harm. And, newspaper often gets thrown away while unpacking, sometimes taking your small, valuable items with it. Us bubble wrap where you can.
  6. Carefully protect breakable items with material thick enough to prevent items touching each other, using thick paper, linens, or bubble wrap. Be sure to indicate “fragile” on the box.
  7. Disassemble as much furniture ahead of time as you can to save the extra time movers will need to do it for you.
  8. Bring boxes downstairs as you fill them to make more room to work upstairs and so the movers don’t have to make extra trips upstairs.
  9. Use the bigger boxes for the light things like the comforters, bed sheets, clothes, etc.  Put heavy items, like books, in small boxes.
  10. Save money and time by making a moving checklist and following it closely.

Extra tip:  Be sure to label ALL your boxes for what room you would like them to go into. This will save time for your movers, and for you too, since you won’t have to hunt around or carry things from room to room when you start to unpack after moving day.

These tips will help keep your items safe and save you time and money. When the movers can safely and quickly access your boxes, when things are clearly marked and ready to go, your move will be faster and cost less. Plan ahead, be efficient and save your energy for organizing and decorating your new place!  Call Move 4 Less for help organizing and making your next move.