Moving is stressful! Our goal, each and every day, is to always make our customers moves as stressLESS as possible. Check out our tips on preparing for you move, to keep that stress level down!

Time is not always on your side, but if you do have some time to prepare before your move, checklists, labeling, and purging can be super helpful. Plus, this will help the unpacking process goes much quicker!

TO TAKE OR NOT TO TAKE? Decide on what you want to move and what you’ll take with you!

Spring cleaning, during any time of year, can do wonders for the cost of the move, your mental state (clearing out always helps lift the spirits), and the unpacking process.

While you are cleaning and clearing out, you’ll get a better idea of what is coming with you and what is not. This will also help give you an idea of how much packing material you may need and will allow you to get a more accurate quote for your move.

WHO WILL BE MOVING YOU? Start contacting moving companies to get quotes.

We recommend getting at least three moving quotes…we happened to know one to reach out to =). Consider this list of questions to ask when interviewing moving companies and some items to research:

  • Google top moving companies.
  • Ask for recommendations and check their reviews online.
  • Ask about their experience: how long have they been in business, how long has the move staff been with them?
  • Do they have the appropriate licenses and insurance coverage?
  • Ask about their full suite of services (packing, unpacking, specialty crating, large item packing/moving, storage facility, furniture disassembly/reassembly).
  • Ask specifically about their move staff: do they hire day laborers or is the move staff permanent/full time employees, how long on average has the move staff been with them? A lot of moving companies hire day laborers or have a very high turn around for their move staff. This can cause problems during your move due to inexperience and carelessness.

Also be aware, if a moving company does not require a visual estimate, where they visit your home, the final cost may drastically change (usually higher) once the move is complete.

Once you have reviewed the move quotes and have a short list, or have chosen a moving company, it’s time to pack!

PACK IT UP! The more organized you can be during the packing process, the less time you will spend on your move day and unpacking.

If you have questions on which boxes to use for specific items, or need help packing specialty items, such as, televisions, computers, pianos, pool tables, statues, chandeliers, large artwork and mirrors, we can help!

Boxes: You can purchase them, look online for free boxes, ask friends or even check your local stores.

Packing Materials: Yes, you will need packing paper and/or bubble wrap but think about utilizing what you already have on hand to cut down that cost: Pillowcases, towels, newspaper, socks and old t-shirts make great packing materials.

Label!: Labeling boxes and even taking inventory, if you can, will be a life saver! Write on each box:

  • Items contained inside. Try grouping boxes by like items or by rooms.
  • Where they will go in your new home, the room and floor. This can be super helpful for you and the movers. Labeling your boxes with room and floor will help the movers know where to take the boxes when moving you in. If you have miscellaneous boxes or are not sure where they will go in your new place, designate a room or area to have all these boxes placed.
  • If you’re utilizing the moving companies packing service, they should automatically label everything for you. We offer both packing and unpacking services for our customers.

“Open Me First” Boxes: Pack a few boxes of essentials and label these boxes with, “Open Me First.” This just makes life easier and you won’t have to scramble to unpack clothes and toiletries when you are exhausted on move-in day.

  • For the kitchen, this box might include your coffeemaker and supplies for making coffee, paper plates and plastic utensils to get you through those first couple of days.
  • In the bedroom, pack your sheets, blankets, pillows, towels and essential toiletries.
  • Luggage is great to use for the “Open Me First” bedroom and bathroom items.
  • Medications

Important Paperwork, Contacts and Dates: We recommend creating a notebook or file to keep all of your moving records together.

Create a folder or use a shoebox to keep all the documents related to your move together in one place. Keep your checklist, moving quotes, insurance, calendar, and other information in one location.

  • Save all your receipts related to your move: boxes, packing material, storage or receipts from your donations.
  • Contacts and other important phone numbers related to your move.
  • Keeping a calendar or action plan with dates can also help the process run smoothly.
  • Make a list of utility and other services accounts so you can check those off as you schedule to turn off, turn on, or transfer service
  • Turn in your notice to move for your current space if under contract. Be sure to do that at least 30 days in advance. Some places require even earlier notification, but every living space has different contract requirements.
  • Update your address with the United States Postal Service to begin forwarding your mail.

No matter how much you prepare for a move, those first few days are exhausting and anything you can do to make it easier is great. Here are some final tips for the days before, during and after your move:

  • Leave pets at a doggie day care or with a trusted friend for a day or two so that you don’t have to worry about them getting out.
  • Pack a cooler with a few basic essentials, such as coffee creamers, beverages, yogurts, string cheese, milk and orange juice. Pack a box with cereal and granola bars, etc., so you can grab a quick snack.
  • Take advantage of those food delivery services.

Check out more moving tips to help save on cost and reduce stress over on our YouTube channel! For additional resources download our moving checklist and take a peek at our frequently asked questions.

There is nothing better than seeing smiles on our customer’s faces! To know we took a stressful day and were able to make them smile, by doing what we love to do, is the absolute best. To schedule a free visual estimate, or if you have any questions about your move, give us a call (702) 381-1200 or drop us an email [email protected].